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New Jersey Moves One Step Closer to Direct Wine Shipping

Published 01.11.12

Apply Now! Direct Wine Shipping Opens in New Jersey

Published 05.07.12

Bill Passes Senate Allowing USPS to Ship Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Published 05.24.12

Florida Clarifies Permissibility of Delivery by Third Party Providers

Published 04.23.18

United States Supreme Court Asked to Hear Case on Retailer Direct Shipping

Published 11.27.10

State Legislative Update

Published 03.24.11

The Supreme Court Rules in Tennessee Retailers: What Does It Really Mean?

Published 07.02.19

End of 2017 Review: Retailer Direct To Consumer Wine Shipments

Published 12.18.17

Alabama Opens Up To Winery DTC (and Other DTC Updates)

Published 06.09.21

New Third Party Provider Shipping Reports Due In Illinois

Published 01.29.18

The Supreme Court Is Set to Rule on a Retailer Direct Shipping Case! Well, Not So Fast…

Published 05.28.19

Nevada Signals Intention to More Actively Monitor Trade Practices

Published 03.05.14

New Connecticut Law Allowing Retailer Direct To Consumer Wine Shipments Effective Today

Published 07.01.19

New Jersey to Vote on Winery Direct Shipping

Published 12.14.11

End of 2017 Review: Winery Direct to Consumer Shipments

Published 01.08.18

Illinois SB 2989: Unlicensed Direct Wine Shippers Beware

Published 09.01.16

UPDATE: New Jersey Senate Passes Direct Shipping Bill

Published 12.19.11

Texas ABC Releases Advisory on Third Party Marketers

Published 06.23.13

End of 2018 Update: Direct To Consumer Wine Shipments

Published 01.10.19

Kentucky Changes Alcohol Beverage Laws – Requires Out of State Shipper’s Licenses for Wine and Spirits

Published 08.14.13

Alaska to Regulate Direct to Consumer Alcohol Shipping Beginning January 1, 2024

Published 11.03.23

Direct-to-Consumer Shipping Opens in Kentucky

Published 01.14.21


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