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TTB Proposed Revisions to Distilled Spirit Plants Reports and Regulations

Currently, distilled spirits plants (DSPs) are required to complete and file operational report forms, which can number up to seven per month. The TTB has proposed eliminating the current forms and replacing them with two new report forms (TTB F 5110.77 and TTB F 5110.78) in order to streamline the reporting process and reduce costs. According to the TTB’s research, DSPs currently submit an average of 28.4 operational reports per year. The TTB notes that certain data within the required reports is not analyzed or used. Moreover, the increased use of alcohol as a fuel and the growth in artisanal distillers has resulted in many new DSPs and the corresponding burden on TTB to process the paperwork from these DSP has grown tremendously. If the proposal is approved, one report would be used for operations involving spirits for beverage use, while the other would handle reporting on industrial use spirits. Additionally, DSPs that submit quarterly tax returns could switch to quarterly operational reporting, as opposed to the current monthly reporting requirement. The comment period for this proposed revision runs through February 3, 2012, which is right around the corner. The full text of the proposal can be found here.

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