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New Law on California Beer Tasting Rooms

California beer fans are sure to toast the passage of AB1014, which Governor Jerry Brown signed into law on August 1st. The bill, presented by Assemblymen Fletcher (R) and Chesbro (D), amends California’s Health and Safety Code to exempt beer manufacturers’ beer tasting areas from the strict health and sanitation codes applied to food service locations. Beer manufacturers include those holding a beer manufacturer’s license, an out-of-state beer manufacturer’s certificate, or a beer and wine importer’s general license. Wine tasting rooms have been exempt from such provisions for years. The health and sanitation codes are lengthy and expensive to comply with; thus, compliance costs typically outweighed the benefit of a beer tasting room for many brewers, especially small craft operations. Compliance with the new exemption requires that the only foods served on the premises are crackers and pretzels. Additionally, only beer and “prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous beverages” may be offered. A copy of the revised Section 113789 of California’s Health and Safety code is available here.

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