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Welcome to Strike & Techel, a San Francisco-based specialty law firm that practices exclusively in the field of alcohol beverage law. We represent domestic and international wineries, breweries, distillers, importers and retailers, as well as service providers to those industry members. We advise and assist on every aspect of doing business in the beverage alcohol industry, from entity formation to product formulation and production, through distribution, promotion and sale.

We offer comprehensive advice and analysis on trade relationships, including drafting and reviewing production, importation, and distribution agreements of all kinds. We obtain federal and state alcohol licenses for entities large and small, we review and resolve tied-house problems, and ensure our clients are properly licensed to conduct their businesses. We handle trademark and marketing issues, as well as regulatory proceedings and licensing matters, and we advise on innovative and emerging practices for the industry, including various uses of technology to market, sell, and deliver alcohol.

Our attorneys are creative problem-solvers, with extensive knowledge of the technical and legal aspects of the beverage alcohol industry, experienced in interpreting old laws in support of modern practices.